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The Morepork - Ninox Novaeseelandiae

A Morepork is a species of Owl indigenous to 
New Zealand. The Morepork gets it name from its distinctive two-pitched call. It is said to be the most common native animal sound heard at night, however it is rare to actually observe a Morepork in their natural habitat. Moreporks are mainly nocturnal. They are excellent night hunters, the soft edges of their feathers allow the owls to glide silently through the night to stalk their prey.

Moreporks is New Zealand based outdoors lifestyle clothing company.

We look to the land for inspiration. To create design that is honest and timeless.

Our collections focus on the unique geographic features of New Zealand, as well as the heritage and communities that surround them.

We connect with the people of this land, drawing on their knowledge and experiences to generate authentic, quality clothing that is built to endure.

Capturing these environments in our collections allows us to document the unique colours, textures, atmosphere and history of New Zealand, creating heritage garments that truly embody essence of the land in which they were made.

MOREPORKS. Made in New Zealand. Hunt for Quality. EST MMX